NMWS Members can view videos from our 2020-2021 meetings on our website.  

 (login required)  

Navigation Tips-  Click on the folder of the year you would like to view. In the folder you will find folders containing more folders or galleries. It works like a tree. 

You can click your way through to what you wish to view. Galleries can be viewed as thumbnails, full-sized images or slideshows.

 If the image caption is not showing completely, place your cursor on the lower part of the image and the caption will then display completely.  Not all images are captioned.

 To see a full-size image, just click on it. The left  <  and right  >  arrows will move you through the gallery or select the arrow at the bottom left of the images and they will move automatically as a slideshow. In the right-hand corner is an X. Clicking on the X will take you out of the slideshow or gallery view.

 When you are done viewing one gallery, you can then go up to the left hand-corner and you will see the Home  icon and pathway which allows you to return to the folder or gallery you came in from  and  then you can select another gallery to view, or clicking on the Home icon will take you back to the Home Page.