Welcome to the New Mexico Watercolor Society "NMWS" Digital "Scrapbook" In these pages you will find digital photo albums, organized by year and activity, including NMWS Exhibitions, independent exhibitions, workshops,  meeting demonstrations, paint-outs (plein air gatherings) and social events.

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2020 SC Spring Show - Rough and Tumble

About US


"Inspiring a Passion for New Mexico Watercolor Art"


"The society honors and celebrates the medium of watercolor through: support of the highest esthetic standards, education of the public, promotion of community engagement, and facilitation of member development."


The purpose of the New Mexico Watercolor Society is the elevation of the stature of watercolor as an art medium and the education of the public as to the significance of watercolor as an important creative permanent painting medium. The ultimate goal is to make New Mexico known nationally for its watercolorists.The Society (a non-profit organization) consisting of two groups.  The original group is based in Albuquerque, NM and encompasses the northern regions of New Mexico, as well as members residing in other states.  The southern group is based in Las Cruces and encompasses the counties of:  Dona Ana, Luna, Sierra, Otero, Grant, Catron, Hidalgo, Lea, Lincoln, Chaves, Roosevelt, and Eddy counties as well as the El Paso, Texas area.

For further information regarding NM Watercolor activities, exhibition and membership, please click on the below link:

>   New Mexico Watercolor Society Website

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